Weisen-U Enzyme (90's)

30mg Biodiastase 2000 II, 25mg Cellulase, 6mg Lipase 

Weisen-U Enzyme contains complex enzyme improves the digestion of fat, carbohydrate, protein and cellulose which can reduce the burden of our stomach and improve our absorption.  Biodiastase in the new formula has a digestive power 10 times stronger than the traditional enzyme formula.



Stomach satiety
poor appetite
fullness after meals

Biodiastase 2000 II

With a digestive power 10 times stronger than diastase in the traditional formula, Biodiastase 2000 II contains various digestive enzymes (amylase, protease and cellulase) that facilitate the digestion of carbohydrate, protein and cellulose. It also promotes the digestion and absorption of starch in the stomach, alleviating the load on the digestive system.

Weisen-U Enzyme is a health supplement, non-medicinal product with no side effects

Suitable for long-term use

Made in Korea

Applicable People
Suitable for Indigestion, loss of appetite, overeating and stomach bloating


Notes on storage:

1) Keep out of reach of children.
2) Avoid direct sunlight and store the sealed container in a cool place with as little moisture as possible.
3) To prevent misuse (incorrect use) and preserve quality, do not transfer the tablets into another container.

*This product contains lactose and should not be administered to patients with lactose intolerance.

Above 15 years old: take 2 tablets;
Above 8 years old to 15 years old: take 1 tablet;
Three times a day, take after meal.

Suggested Retail Price

90's HKD 219
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